Truck and equipment Truck and equipment Water recovery system Recovering water when our local guidelines require it, protecting the lakes and rivers is part of our job. 48858686 One of the ways we can recover wash water Water caught on the rubber mat and then filtered and the lift station can pump it into a holding tank of disperse it slowly in the grass filtering it nautraly. 48858687 Filter and pump off of wash water A rubber mat is layed over any storm drain and water is filtered through socks and then pumped off or contained depending what the circumstances call for. 48858695 Wands, nozzles, and tools of the trade We employ new methods of cleaning and have the tools needed to do your job, all tools are on-board the service truck letting you know once we setup we can finish the job. 48858688 Surface cleaners and need items We employ three different sizes of surface cleaners we'll have the one right for your job. ladders an a 7' high x 4' wide x 16' long scaffolding built on the truck is a must for cleaning higher objects, the yellow telescoping lance extends up to 24 feet. 48858689 Two 6.6 horsepower shopvacs For detail work or back up in case our water lifting station should not operate properly on just needs more lift. 48858694 Our large trailer The large trailer contains a 110 volt generator a 20 amp breaker service, extension cords the water containment unit lift station vacuums and the 2nd heated mobile cleaning unit. 48858690 Rear view of the trailer We carry both units on each job in case of break down we do not want to inconvenience our customers by having to reschedule, we'll finish a job. 48858691 Service truck You can see our built in scaffolding on the truck. 48858692 The Landa heated unit This unit puts out heated water up to 210 degrees at 4.7 gallons a minute with the pressure of 3500 pounds per square inch has an 18 horsepower motor and a 110 volt generator all built in. 48858693 Wet soad-blasting attachment Conceived and first used in the restoration of the Statue of Liberty, used to remove fire damage, mold, mildew, lichen, tarnish, paint, oxidation, types of graffiti, oil stains, paint stripping and auto part restoration, and other applications. 48864856 Portable back-up unit This is our portable and back-up unit it heats water to 190 degrees at 3.5 gallons a minute with 4000 pounds pre square in of pressure it has a 15 horsepower motor on it making it easyer to get to places we could not get before. 48878247 New 16hp 4000psi @ 4gpm unit This is one of our new units it has a 16 horsepower motor running a pump putting our 4000 pound per square inch at 4 gallons per minute along with new hose and reel. 110708602 Our new pump 16hp nickle plated AR pump 4000psi @ 4gpm 110708603 Cam Spray Commercial quality electric Cam Spray pump. 172865158 Equipment Steamers, blowers, media blaster unit, electric hood cleaning pump, 6hp cold water unit lances and other parts. 172865159 Equipment and tools Folding walking platforms, auto return hose reel, AC coil cleaning electric portable pump and lance. 172865160 Mi-T-M Customizing a 18hp with 110 volt Mi-T-M 3500psi @ 5gpm unit putting on a larger heating coil unit for hotter water. 172865161 Service truck Working out of the service truck. 172865162 Steam pot Using the live steam cleaning tile and floor inside for added disinfecting as well as dry steam cleaning, almost no water. 172865163 Working off the top of the service truck Cleaning rig in use. 172865164 New service unit Working out of the back of the S-10 we use this pick-up for a lot of jobs and for window cleaning calls. 172865166 New water tank 172865167 Service truck II Working with the portable 4000psi @ 4gpm unit out of the S-10 172865169 One of the surface cleaners 172865170